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ADCO Caravan Cover

ADCO Caravan Cover

Posted by The Big Red Team on 23rd May 2021

Protect Your Investment with an ADCO Caravan Cover   

Have you considered the potential benefits of using an ADCO caravan cover?

Although you may spend plenty of time away from home and on the road in your caravan, you may still return to enjoy the comforts of home from time to time. On occasion, your caravan may sit idle for most of the year before you can embark on your next excursion. During this time, should you simply leave the caravan exposed to the elements, or should you cover it up with a high-quality solution from ADCO? 

The elements can degrade the visual appeal of your caravan over time. UV exposure causes fading colours and damages some exposed plastic elements. Covering your caravan can reduce this effect.

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