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In this Section you can find out what Big Red Caravan Parts is all about

About Website - How to find things

My Account - The benefits of setting up an on line account

About Us - What's all the fuss about?

Our Rig - We are caravaners too, just like our customers!

Big Red - What we do and industry associations

Big Red - Our Origins

Big Red Caravan Parts has been running successfully since 2010 with Happy Mike in the drivers seat. Change is inevitable and Andy has now taken over managing online sales while Happy Mike focuses on other interests.

Big Red Caravan Parts draws it's name from several iconic Australian symbols of the outback,

  •          The “Big Red” kangaroo featured on our logo
  •          The “Big Red” rock in the centre or Australia known as Uluru
  •          The “Big Red” sand dune located to the west of Birdsville

Fast Facts

Did you know the red kangaroo is the world’s biggest marsupial?

Did you know Uluru is an inselberg, literally "island mountain"?

Did you know standing at 30 metres in height, Big Red sand dune lies on the edge of the Simpson Desert which is the largest parallel sand dune desert in the world?

 Over time we aim to be synonymous with our name sake

by being the most well-known caravan parts supplier in Australia. 

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