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Caravan Australite Fly Screens

 Caravan Australite Fly Screens

Flies are always a problem in the great outdoors, but they tend to become a bigger issue during the summer months.

One moment you’re enjoying a bushwalk or a beach swim, and then you step into your caravan and find it filled with a swarm of flies.

Your only option is to spray, swat, and sweep. But there are ways to prevent this – or at least minimise the number of pesky little insects that make their way inside your mobile home. Your best bet is Fly screens, an obvious system for keeping out flies. If some windows are lacking fly screens, you can try magnetic fly screens which are made to fit, or even make a curtain out of fly screen mesh – easy to purchase from BugMeshScreensOz if none of ours fit the bill.

Australite Fly Screens for Caravan Wind-Out Windows (WOW) are removable, fully flexible and can be washed as required.

They are high frequency welded and are an integral part of the window.

Note: Top screen of all double hopper windows have square bottom corners and all single hopper and the lower screens of double hopper windows have round bottom corners.

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