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With portable or built in refrigerators, televisions and lightweight microwaves, kitting out motor homes and caravans with the comforts of home is easier than ever before. Of course, such luxuries require power and while parking up at a powered campsite is one solution, many of us want to explore more eco-friendly options, such as free camping.


RV & Caravan Batteries


If you're looking for a battery for a battery for camping that can be charged from a solar system - nine times out of ten you're looking for a Deep Cycle Battery. Deep cycle batteries are very efficient energy storage units. They work when a chemical reaction occurs that develops a voltage that results in electricity. Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to be 'cycled' (discharged and recharged) many times over, so while a car battery aims to deliver a burst of energy for a short period, a deep cycle battery gives power at a steady rate for an extended period.


What are the Different Types of Deep Cycle Batteries?

The most typical Deep Cycle Batteries are Lead based;

  • Flooded
  • AGM Batteries 
  • Gel Batteries
  • Lead Crystal Batteries 

In more recent times various form Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular.

Deep Cycle is a great way to go when it comes to auxiliary batteries, but for many people AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)  or Lead Crystal batteries will have huge advantages over the conventional Wet Cell (Flooded) deep cycle battery. 

If your main source of charging is from your vehicles alternator, or you need to place your batteries in spaces that are less than ideal, then you should consider using Deep Cycle Batteries as they are totally sealed and spill proof. Other advantages include;

  • Longer service life (approx. 2-3 times life expectancy of a Flooded Lead Acid Battery)
  • Higher bulk charge acceptance rate (which means a shorter recharge time)
  • Higher resistance to vibration
  • Completely Sealed and Maintenance Free
  • Low Deep Cycle Discharge Failure
  • Low self-discharge rate (typically 1%-2% per month)
  • No gassing off, so they can be safely used inside an enclosed area

Our Deep Cycle AGM Batteries give superior deep cycling performance for RV applications including:

  • Caravans
  • 4WDs
  • Motorhomes
  • Marine Systems
  • Dual-Battery Systems

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