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Ferrion TV Range


Furrion audiovisual products have been designed to enhance your RV experience. The LED TV is no exception, developed not only for durability but with technology that delivers world-class performance and picture quality. 


  • 12V/240V TV with built-in DVD player
  • Vibration smart - designed and tested for vibration resistance
  • Climate smart - designed and tested for extreme climates
  • Furrion smart link communication 
  • Front or side access buttons
  • 10-30 Volt surge protection
  • Custom Furrion upgraded speakers and amplifier
  • Static isolator reduces image noise and static caused by 12V power sources


Designed and Tested for Mobile Applications


Component features;

  1. Metal Plating for Extra Durability: The unique design provides a strong and durable housing for electronic and wall mounting components
  2. Metal Wall Mount Brackets: The heavy-duty wall mount brackets are fixed directly to the metal framing. This balances the vibration force between the metal components and reduces pressure in areas prone to damage
  3. Vibration Resistant Circuit Boards: Silicone glue is used to protect the circuit board components from stress caused by vibration. The same process is used in mobile phone technology for shock absorption
  4. Energy Efficient High Brightness: Combining LED technology with energy efficiency to allow for crisp, clear viewing with minimal power consumption
  5. Beautifully Vivid A+ Panel: Providing the highest quality viewing experience with error-free resolution
  6. Upgraded Furrion Amplifier and Speakers: Providing high-quality audio for an optimized cinematic experience
  7. HDMI 1.4: HDMI 1.4 features the latest digital advances to connect your high-definition video devices: Full HD 1080P+ high definition video, ultra-high speed digital and audio cable with high purity copper conductors and durable gold-plated connectors for maximum signal transfer
  8. Audio Out: With audio out, plug your headphones or speakers directly into the TV's port to amplify or direct your TV's audio
  9. Side or Bottom Access Controls: Easily control your TV's functions from the main console

FurrionTM is a trade marked brand