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Awning Anchors

Awning Anchors

The next generation of Anchor Pegs now available in Australia.

Peggy Peg Screw in Awning Anchor Pegs have so many advantages over conventional metal tent pegs making them a must have for all caravanning, RV, motorhome, camping, four wheel driving and all other outdoor needs.

  • Light Weight
  • Strong
  • 10 x better grip than conventional pegs!


Peggy Pegs are Designed to secure awnings, annexes, privacy screens, end walls, folding drying racks, flooring, matting, pop up gazebos, tents and anything else that needs to be secured to the ground. Peggy Peg Screw in Awning Anchor suite Fiamma, Sunchaser, Thule Omnistor, Carefree and Aussie Traveller Awnings.

Click on the link for find out more About Peggy Pegs or to learn How to Use them.

  • Spare Peg Bag - Peggy Pegs

    Spare Bag - Peggy Pegs

     Spare Bag - Peggy Pegs These bags are made of a quality durable canvas with a zip and a handle. It will fit all screw in tent peg sizes and can accommodate all awning legs anchor plates. It can also be used for ropes, ockie straps, tools,...

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  • Fix & Go Kit - Peggy Pegs

    Fix & Go Kit - Peggy Pegs

     Fix & Go Kit - Peggy Pegs  The fix and go pack is the perfect kit for trailer tent, caravan and RV owners, using the Fiamma or the Thule Omnistor systems. It comes with all you will need to secure your awning or annexe. The pack...

    MSRP: $114.50
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  • Fix & Go Plate - Caravan Awning Leg Anchor (Fiamma etc) Fix & Go Plate - Annex or Awning Pole Anchor

    Fix & Go Plate - Pack of 1

     Fix & Go Plate - Pack of 1 The Peggy Peg "Fix & Go" is the ultimate piece of equipment for securing you Fiamma brand awning or annex. The awning legs or annex tent poles fit directly into the well of the "Fix & Go" and secured in place...

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  • Combo Tool - Pack of 1 Combo Tool - Peggy Pegs

    Combo Tool - Peggy Pegs

     Combo Tool - Peggy Pegs  The combo driver tool can be used in a cordless drill or by hand and fits the entire Peggy Peg range. Suitable for both the aluminium and reinforced plastic pegs The 17mm hex socket moulded into the orange handle...

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  • Anchor Plate - Pack of 2 Anchor Plate - Caravan Awning Leg Anchor

    Anchor Plate - Pack of 2

     Anchor Plate - Pack of 2  The Anchor plate (blue) has a modified slot to take both the old and the new style Fiama and Omnistore awning feet. The new Anchor plate, used in conjunction with the Uni-Plate (orange), will hold a round pole and...

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  • Uni Plate - Pack of 4 Uni Plate

    Uni Plate - Pack of 4

     Standard Blue Rope Clips - Pack of 6  The Uni-Plate (orange) is for holding down matting and can also be lined up to hold the mat at a door threshold. The Uni-Plate can be used either way up, whichever gives the best grip for the matting...

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  • Peggie Peg Awning Tie Strap Peggie Peg Awning Tie Strap

    Awning Tie Strap Peggy Peg

     Awning Tie Strap Peggy Peg  Tie Strap is an extra guy rope, or stay for Awnings, Gazebos; Tents; Tarps; Annexes; Wind Breaks, indeed anything that requires an extra guy rope.The bright orange webbing strap is adjustable from 1.5m to 3 m, and...

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  • Small Peggy Pegs - Pack of 12 Small Peggy Pegs

    Small Peggy Pegs - Pack of 12

     Small Peggy Pegs - Pack of 12   The small pegs are a big surprise leaving most people impressed by the grip they provide. Although not the best in very loose or soft sand they can hold their own in soil and compact dirt. Designed for...

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