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Awning Anchors

Awning Anchors

The next generation of Anchor Pegs now available in Australia.

Peggy Peg Screw in Awning Anchor Pegs have so many advantages over conventional metal tent pegs making them a must have for all caravanning, RV, motorhome, camping, four wheel driving and all other outdoor needs.

  • Light Weight
  • Strong
  • 10 x better grip than conventional pegs!


Peggy Pegs are Designed to secure awnings, annexes, privacy screens, end walls, folding drying racks, flooring, matting, pop up gazebos, tents and anything else that needs to be secured to the ground. Peggy Peg Screw in Awning Anchor suite Fiamma, Sunchaser, Thule Omnistor, Carefree and Aussie Traveller Awnings.

Click on the link for find out more About Peggy Pegs or to learn How to Use them.