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Big Red Caravan Parts offers several brands of Caravan Televisions that operate on 12 Volt Technology.  The type of TV and Antenna you will need for your Caravan, RV or Motorhome will depend upon the style of travel you plan on doing.

Caravan Televisions

Granted, not all caravanners want or need a TV, but for those on the road full time, your caravan or motorhome should feel like your actual home.  It doesn’t matter if you are getting away for a weekend, or short break, it can still be a perfect time to unwind and watch a favourite sporting event or a TV show. So if you can’t live without your favourite shows while away from home, then there’s no reason you can’t take them with you. Big Red Caravan Parts supplies a range of 12V compatible televisions and audio equipment perfect for caravans of all sizes, as well as motorhomes and boats.

Watching TV in your caravan

The way we watch television has changed dramatically in recent years, from the types of screen that we use to the way the signal gets to the screen – and these changes are equally applicable to television viewing in a caravan.

Technological breakthroughs like satellite broadcasting, freeview and digital hard drive recording mean caravanners can watch virtually the same television programmes with the same quality of picture and sound that they would get at home.


Unless you have a particularly large caravan or motorhome and lots of power available, an LCD television will probably be most practical for you. They use less power than older types of television and can be much more convenient to move around and store. However, they are vulnerable to damage and, if the screen should get a knock, it could be permanently damaged. They can also be very sensitive to voltage fluctuations so are often used with a small voltage regulator to avoid problems.

Models are available with built-in digital receivers, built-in DVD players and even with built-in card readers so that photos can be viewed on a big screen.

When using a television away from regional centres, what you can watch depends on what reception method you use. If you have a satellite system you will probably be able to receive most channels. If you only have an aerial you may only be able to pick up some local programmes.

While Shopping for a TV/DVD Combo online, always check the warranty conditions and whether having it in a Caravan will affect a claim in any way. So, if you are looking for a TV for your Bus, Truck, Caravan or Boat, check out what we have to offer in 12V LED TV's. 

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