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3 Way Upright

 3 Way Upright

Buy caravan refrigerators online from Big Red

Do you always know where your journey will take you? You don’t have to when you have a absorption refrigerator on board.  An absorption fridge can easily cope with three different power sources, making it an excellent choice when it comes to a caravan refrigerator. Whilst some models feature Manual Energy Selection, other models feature Automatic Energy Selection, which automatically selects the best available energy source for you.

Browse our online range and discover why we are the leading distributor of caravan refrigerators Australia wide.  The type of refrigerator you choose will depend on your requirements. When you are far away from civilisation gas operation is recommended as it will not run down the vehicle battery.  Having a mains connection available though, is a better option for caravan fridges.  A huge advantage of the  3 way refrigerator is that they are silent, an added benefit when it comes to caravan RV or motorhome fridges.

With a large range of caravan refrigerators for sale, all at attractive prices, you will find the right refrigerator for your caravan, RV or motorhome.  Buy caravan fridges online through Big Red and discover all the benefits that come with quality products.

In addition to caravan fridges, we also have refrigerator parts available, should there be a problem with your fridge.

Browse our range online and find out which caravan fridges are for sale or send an email to The Big Red Team (via Contact Us) and we'll be happy to assist further with any aspect of your order.


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