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Hot Water Heater Units

Caravan Hot Water Heater Units

While caravaners forgo many luxuries, being without hot water can be an inconvenience.

Before purchasing a new hot water system, consider what you would like to improve upon based on your old set-up. There are several options to choose from in terms of heating method and tank capacity. There is Electric only and gas only. Traditional hot water systems will run on both gas and electricity. These types of hot water systems generally start at a 9L capacity, which is often enough for those who only use the hot water for doing the dishes, other cleaning and for washing hands, and increase from there up to 23L.

The next generation of instant gas hot water heaters provides instant endless hot water for your Caravan or RV.

Caravan hot water systems can be one of the more problematic appliances installed in your van. Maintenance type water heaters require the regular replacement of the anode, so you should always carry a spare. But did you know that when you replace the anode, you should flush the tank at the same time? Also, there are several different types of anode which can give better performance for different types of conditions.

Other options that can be considered are solar-powered units and hot water heaters that can be attached to the tap. Systems that heat water as it passes through the tap can save installing a large system and reduce the van’s overall weight.

All bulky items e.g. Caravan Hot Water Services etc. are pick up only or can be quoted for freight. Being an online store we hold limited stock, so your location and our supplier will determine pick-up point or special freight costs. Send an email with your post code (via Contact Us) and we'll be happy to assist further with any aspect of your order.

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