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Seam Locking - Cladding

Seam Locking - Cladding

In some cases replacing sheeting on older caravans presents the challenge of finding similar replacement material, but it's not usually a problem.

Starting from the top, the first item to be replaced is the caravan roof. Roof sheeting comes in 4ft (1.2m) sections, which means there will be several seams across the roof.

Conveniently, sheeting comes with a pre-bent seam that has to be locked over with the adjoining sheet. But before that happens, a bead of sealant has to be applied into the seam.  Another bead of sealant is then applied once the seam is locked. This process is more easily done off the van on a flat surface.

Although aluminium is quite light, lifting the locked, joined sheets is really a two-person and two-ladder job.The pittsburg seam was used on the side walls and the lock seam on the roofing front and rear.


Provides a concealed fixing edge for a laterally attached external lengths of cladding. Widely used on side sheeting attached to either timber or aluminium frame structure.  Aluminium Side Cladding is manufactured with the pittsburg seam as part of it's profile for easy instillation.



Aluminium Caravan Roof & End Sheeting is manufactured with no seams as the the orientation of the seam can be up or down (in some cases no seam is required) and needs to be applied at time of order.  All aluminium roof or end sheets can be lockseamed to order and UP or DOWN must be specified on the particular sheet edge.  Available upon request


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