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RV Media TV Range

RV Media TV Range 

Big Red Caravan Parts Online offers two brands Televisions that operate on 12 Volt Technology. The type of Television you will need for your Caravan, RV or Motorhome will depend upon the style of travel you plan on doing.

This section outlines the features of the RV Media brand of LED High Definition TV's featuring an inbuilt DVD player and flexible 12 Volt , 24 Volt or 240 Volt operation.

An RV Media Telivision can be wall mounted or stand mounted for flexible use in or out of the Caravan, RV or Motorhome . These TV's are designed for Caravan, RV or Motorhome use and have added protection against Australia's environmental extremes such as humidity & salt air.  This is backed up with a National 2-year Warranty


Watching movies couldn't be easier using RV Media's inbuilt DVD player. Not only can you watch DVD's, you can also listen to audio CD's. Both the TV and DVD functions are controlled conveniently by the same remote control. RV Media TV's also feature Co-axial digital output for optional connection to surround sound systems and a headphone output so you can watch movies without disturbing others.

12/24/240V OPERATION

Included with this Television is a 2 metre 12/24V accessory plug power adaptor. This allows connection in most vehicles and ensures that RV Media TV's can easily cope with the voltage fluctuations found in today's modern Caravans & RV's using a combination of batteries, chargers and solar. A 240 V power supply is also included making this TV also ideal for use at home or utilising the RV's 240V supply.


By connecting a portable USB thumb drive or hard drive to this TV, you can record shows on Digital TV (PVR function) plus pause & reply Live TV (Time Shift). The features don't stop there! You can also play Movies and TV Shows from USB (using popular formats eg AVI, MP4 etc) plus listen to your favourite MP3 or WMA music tracks: view Photos using the inbuilt photo viewer or even Text (.txt)


RV MediaTM is a trade marked brand

RV Media