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Choosing your RV stove

I’m all for the easy life when on the road and you should consider what you use your RV for whether it is for a long weekend, several weeks away, a long holiday or the permanent life of the nomad. Rarely nowadays do you want to spend hours on your knees cleaning the oven. There are other great ways to do your messy cooking, such as some of the amazing BBQ options, caravan park camp kitchens (although not all of them have ovens) and the ever reliable camp oven on the BBQ or open fire.

Choosing your RV stove

If you are lucky enough to be starting from scratch or renovating your RV, there are a number of things you should think about when considering your stove.

In this article, when I mention burners please remember that I am referring to both stove top gas burners, electric elements and the newer diesel stoves or a combination.

Is your RV your home or your escape from home?

Obviously if it is your permanent place of living then you may need to consider a full 4 burners, grill and oven however there are many combinations of these. If it is your home away from home then a 2 burner & oven should be the most you would need.

2, 3 or 4 burner stovetop?

Rarely do you need 4 burners and remember that this option usually means that you will have limited space to fit your cooking pans (less than standard stoves). If using 4 burners then you will need to use very small pans or ideally space saver saucepans on  RV stove tops.

There are many alternative options available to supplement your cook-up such as park camp kitchens, your own BBQ, Dreampots (or similar) and of course the campfire just to mention a few.


What do you intend to grill that you can’t do in some other way, make your toasted sandwiches in a pan, grill your steak or fish, toast. I suggest you get a griddle pan and a toaster for your stove top.


Cooking a favourite cake or slice may require a little more skill than using a camp oven.  If baking is a bit of a passion then of course get one — I have used mine quite a bit.

In Summary

Look at your cooking habits at home and expect that you will probably do a lot less of the more complicated cooking while on the road, there is usually so much more to see and do than just cook.

In summation I suggest 2 or maybe 3 burners is more than adequate, skip the griller as this means loads of work cleaning and go for a small oven for your baking requirements.

  Happy Cooking!

       Cheers Mrs Red  & Joey



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