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Fiamma Roof Vents

Add Ventilation to Your Caravan with Fiamma Roof Vents

Due to moisture build-up in your caravan, you will need to install roof vents to prevent mould and improve the air quality. Fiamma roof vents are made from high-quality materials that are UV resistant, making them perfect for exploring the Australian outback. You can choose from the regular fan vents or one with thermostat control which keeps your caravan at a cool temperature, and its transparent grates will let in maximum sunlight. At Big Red Caravan Parts, we stock a variety of roof vents from different well-known manufacturers, ensuring that you receive high-quality products to enjoy your journey in comfort and style.

The Importance of Jensen Roof Vents

Due to the amount of time you or your family will spend inside the caravan, you will need quality ventilation to remove odours from cooking and cleaning from the vehicle. Vents such as Jensen roof vents, Camec roof vents, or Ventline roof vents are an excellent investment to make when it comes to enjoying your travels. Here are some reasons why you need to install quality roof vents in your caravan.

  • Removes hot air. Without ventilation and with the confined space and the activities that take place in a caravan, such as showering and cooking, hot air builds up inside. This air can cause the space to feel smaller and become uncomfortable. You need to add a proven ventilation system to your vehicle to remove the hot air and cool down the van's interior. Speak to us about advice on which ventilation system is best suited for the size and make of your caravan.
  • Prevention of mould build-up. At night temperatures drop, and if you have not installed ventilation, the hot air from the day turns into condensation at night. More moisture in the van causes humidity, which is not only uncomfortable but can turn your mobile home into the perfect breeding ground for mould. If you suffer from allergies, the mould build-up will become an irritant and, depending on the type of mould, could become a health hazard.
  • Regulates temperature. Temperatures in the Australian outback can change dramatically between day and night. Many campers install insulation in their vehicles to keep them warm at night, but without proper ventilation, this can cause the van to feel like an oven during the day. Many ventilation systems have climate control features that will regulate your van’s temperature during the day and night, keeping you comfortable.

Benefits of Dometic Skylights

Add some ambience to your trip by installing a Dometic skylight to your caravan. These not only allow more light in but can create the illusion that the space is more significant than it is. Skylights also act as ventilation so you can enjoy the sunlight while remaining cool inside the caravan. If you are travelling to a remote destination in the outback, having a skylight can allow you to enjoy gazing at the stars while lying on a comfortable bed and not outside with irritating insects. Here are some benefits to installing caravan skylights.

  • Emergency exit. Your skylight not only allows sunlight in but can also act as an exit in case of emergencies. On larger versions you can easily open the hatch fully and climb out.
  • Saves battery. Due to it allowing natural light in, you won’t have to use lights inside the caravan, saving on your battery use.
  • Allows steam to escape. Depending on where you place the skylight, it could allow steam to escape, either from cooking or showering.

Why Trust Big Red Caravan Parts Regarding Dometic Roof Hatches

For over a decade, we have been one of the leading retailers in selling all caravan accessories and necessities. With our experience in the industry, we know the best products and only stock high-quality items.

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