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Mobile phone can spy on battery

With over 70% of the population using some sort of smart phone it’s no wonder that switched on product manufacturers are incorporating Bluetooth technology into their products.

Australian battery supplier Enerdrive has introduced a new ePOWER B-TEC LiFePO4 lithium battery with smart phone monitoring technology.

Gone are the days of heading off for the weekend and wondering if there is enough juice in the battery to keep the beer cold in the fridge. If you have got a quid or two and want to keep up to date with how long you can power up the camp site, these batteries are the kit for you.

While kicking back enjoying the view from your favourite camp spot you can give the thumbs a workout and explore every detail of the Enerdrive Lithium Battery power pack.

There are no secrets when your smartphone, armed with the app, can spy its inner workings and interrogate your ePOWER lithium battery. It’s all at your thumb tips literally, battery capacity, voltage, current, state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH), individual cell voltage, battery temperature, cycles, alarms and event information.



Battery mystery unlocked with app that can spy on its inner secrets


The battery is also equipped with an internal LiFePO4 Battery Management System (BMS) that can monitor and optimise each prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. It will protect the battery pack from over charge, over discharge, over temperature and short circuit. The BMS is designed to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.

According to Enerdrive, the ePOWER B-TEC battery provides 60% more usable power than it's equivalent lead acid cousin while being nearly 50% lighter and 30% smaller and are available in 12v 100Ah125Ah & 200Ah capacities.


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